Monday, August 27, 2018

Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB) 

is now 

Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM)

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Reinforcing the commitment to its core mission while embracing innovation - the Association changes its name and logo

As you may have heard, this Association is changing its name and logo. The Association’s new name will be the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan. This new name retains the words “community mental health” to represent the association’s link to the community mental health movement that, fifty years since its genesis, is in robust and continual development.   However, you will notice that the name no longer contains the word “Boards”. While the Association is still led by the members of the Boards of Directors of the state’s public Community Mental Health centers (CMHs) and public Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs) – with Board members making up 2/3 of the Association’s Member Assembly – the Michigan Mental Health Code (the state law under which the public BHIDD system in Michigan is governed) has not, for years, used the term “Board” to describe the local and regional organizations that make up the public BHIDD system. Additionally, none of the Association’s members use the word “Board” in their names.

In addition to the name change, the Association is announcing a new logo; a logo that stands out from the crowd; a logo that represents the Association’s commitment to innovation, boldness, professionalism, accessibility and a person-centered approach to service (the latter two traits underscored by the letter C in the form of a person with his or her arms outstretched).  To view the new logo click on the link below:

The members and stakeholders of the Association will start to see the new name and logo appear in a number of ways and venues. Rather than a grand reveal/announcement of the new name and logo, the Association’s members and stakeholders will see them appearing in any of a number of applications and venues, including on the Association’s newly redesigned website (to be launched in the next few weeks), in conference materials (starting with the  Fall Association conference), in the headers of Association materials, including the Friday Facts, display banners, on letterhead and business cards, and in all of the ways that the Association’s new name and distinctive logo will work to promote the visibility of this Association.

The new name and logo underscore that, in the midst of the innovation required for our system to respond to an ever changing environment (both opportunities and challenges), our system and this Association have never forgotten our roots in the community mental health movement – a civil rights movement in every sense of the word. A movement that is grounded in the commitment to the dignity of the person and to each person’s right, regardless of ability or disability, to self-determination, full citizenship, community inclusion, and equality of opportunity.