Statewide Traveling Consumer Art Show 2015-2017

The Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB) is sponsoring a two-year, statewide traveling art show featuring the work of artists who use CMH services.  The tour has two goals: 1) to help de-stigmatize mental illness, intellectual\developmental disabilities and substance use disorders by showcasing the talents of people who use CMH services; and 2) to highlight the recovery potential of the arts.  

Since its first appearance at MACMHB’s 2010 Spring Conference, the Traveling Art Show has been making appearances all across the State of Michigan.  The current Traveling Art Show (IV) will make its' debut at MACMHB's 2016 Spring Conference, continuing to make appearances statewide until October 2017 when it will make its final appearance at MACMHB’s 2017 Fall Conference.

The art is available for purchase at any time during its' tour.  If you see a piece your would like, contact Monique at or call the MACMHB office, 517-374-6848.

After its' debut in May 2016, the Art Show will be available for viewing below. Find out when the art show will be in your area by clicking on the schedule below.


Out of Shadow Comes Spring - Theresa Jo Baldwin

A Walk Through the Woods - Michael Freeze

Jesus Taking Fruit - Christine Gonzalez

The Wisdom of the Owl - Loretta Mead

Vitruvian Jesus - Daniel Varani

Phantom Vessel - Austin White