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CMHAM Awards

The David LaLumia Outstanding Professional Award

David LaLumia was the first executive director of the Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB).  Dave began his career in Michigan as a legislative staff person to Senator Joe Snyder in 1975.  He assisted in the merging of the Board and Directors' associations into MACMHB in 1983, and was appointed MACMHB’s first full time director in 1984.  He served in that capacity until 2008. The purpose of the “David LaLumia Outstanding Professional Service” award is to honor employed individuals from within the public mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance use disorder system who have made, over time, an outstanding contribution to Michigan’s publicly funded system.  This award will be presented annually at the CMHAM Fall conference.

The Hal Madden Outstanding Services Award 

This award honors individuals from within the public mental health systems (CMH & MDHHS) who have made, over time, an outstanding contribution to the public mental health system. This award will be presented at the CMHAM Fall conference. Hal Madden, the initial recipient of this award, is a founding member of the Michigan Association of CMH Boards and a champion of services to adults and children with mental illness, serious emotional disturbance or developmental disabilities. He was a charter board member of the Mason County CMH in 1964 and has made numerous statewide contributions to improving quality of life to persons served by CMH. Nominees for this award may be selected from the ranks of board members, directors, staff or other related individuals from the public mental health system whose conduct, efforts, dedication and commitment on behalf of CMH and its consumers have been of such a high caliber in improving the public perception and understanding of mental health services, as well as the lives of those we exist to serve. In addition, the personal and professional activities of nominees should demonstrate the highest level of respect for the consumers of services and dedication to improving the quality of services provided through community-based mental health services.  The contributions made by nominees for this award should be visible at the state level, as well as within their board's service area and should manifest their dedication as advocates and ambassadors for community mental health services and constituents.

The Go To Bat Award 

This award is presented by the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan at the Winter Conference to an individual outside of the public mental health system (CMH or MDHHS). Those who receive this award exemplify extraordinary concern, advocacy and leadership that is aimed at improving the quality and quantity of community-based mental health services for persons with mental illness and developmental disabilities in Michigan.  (Note: “Outside of public mental health refers to an individual who cannot be receiving monetary compensation from the CMH system).

The Jim Neubacher Media Award

This award is presented annually at the CMHAM Spring Conference to the individual or organization from the media who has portrayed mental health services accurately and positively in an effort to reduce stigma of mental illness or developmental disabilities in the community. Jim Neubacher, an award-winning reporter, became an outspoken advocate for the rights of people with disabilities after he developed multiple sclerosis. He helped advance the understanding of people with disabilities by writing a column for the Detroit Free Press called, "Disabled in Detroit," which focused on disabilities and how they affect individuals, families and society. Jim was a tireless advocate of many causes and related legislation that benefited thousands of Michigan people and their families who cope daily with mental or physical disabilities. Jim died on March 22, 1990, but the results of his efforts and his commitment live on.

The Partners in Excellence Award 

This award is a regional award designed to recognize those who have, in the process of utilizing community mental health services, enhanced the perception of those services and their recipients within the community. The award will be presented during one of the Association’s conferences and each nominee will be recognized at that time.

The Nick Filonow Award of Excellence 

This award recognizes a CMHSP, a CMH Group or individual staff who has made a contribution to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s services through a process of improvement. Improvement is the measured increase in performance resulting from directed change in the organization through the process of continued quality improvement.

As Quality Improvement Director of Newaygo County Mental Health for ten years, Nick Filonow exemplified what we all strive for in regard to providing quality services to community mental health consumers.   His dedication to providing quality mental health services and his compassion for mankind was evident to all who came to know him on both a professional and personal level.  Nick was taken from us in an auto accident in August of 2002.   

Jim Neubacher Media Award Description

Jim Neubacher Media Award Recipients

Partners in Excellence Award Description

Partners in Excellence Award Recipients

The Nick Filonow Award of Excellence

David LaLumia Outstanding Professional Service Award Description

David LaLumia Outstanding Professional Service Award Recipients