Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB) 

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Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM)

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About being a Member of the Provider Alliance

THE PROVIDER ALLIANCE represents seventy eight non-profit mental health agencies in Michigan, who serve thousands of adults and children with disabilities.

The Provider Alliance network is an integral part of Michigan’s mental health system, which provides a comprehensive network of services to promote consumer independence and inclusion in community life.  The Provider Alliance membership helps provide local mental health services through a myriad of contracts with community mental health boards across the state of Michigan.

The mission of The Provider Alliance is to provide a means to act as a group on matters affecting Michigan’s public mental health system.


THE PROVIDER ALLIANCE  membership consists of all CMHAM affiliate members who provide direct services.  We represent more than fifty agencies that serve thousands of adults and children each day.  If you are a provider of direct services and a CMHAM affiliate member, you are now a member of THE PROVIDER ALLIANCE, pending approval.


1. RECOGNITION:  Direct service providers are the foundation of Michigan’s community mental health and substance abuse treatment system.  We know the service delivery system intimately; as it touches the daily life experience of the persons and families we serve.  Our insight and knowledge are essential to maintaining an effective service delivery system.

2. STRENGTH:  An effective community services system is built on strong capable direct service providers. To be worthwhile The Provider Alliance must contribute to the strength and capability of its members.

3. RATIONALITY:  Successful service delivery requires judicious use of resources. Regulatory mechanisms must be sensible and uncomplicated.  Bureaucracy must not create waste or hinder provision of services.  Resources must be concentrated on enhancing the lives of the persons we serve.

4. ACTION:  Without action, ideas are worthless.  With focused action, a few can have great impact.  TPA members act together so that our energies produce results.

5. CONTRIBUTION:  An effective community mental health system requires partnership.  Our activities focus on sustaining a dynamic partnership that provides clear benefit to persons served, their families, provider agencies, and managing authorities.

For More Information contact Jacquline Kiss-Wilson, President of the Provider Alliance, at jkwilson@ttiinc.org

2019 Provider Alliance Meeting Dates (unless otherwise noted, all are at the CMHAM office)
  • January 28, 10:00am
  • February 6, 7:30am (at winter conference) Radisson Plaza, Kalamazoo
  • March 25, 10:00am
  • April 22, 10:00am
  • May 27, 10:00am
  • June 12, 7:30am (at spring/summer conference) Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi
  • July 22, 10:00am
  • August - No meeting
  • September 23, 10:00am
  • October 22, 7:30am (at fall conference) Grand Traverse Resort, Traverse City
  • November 25, 10:00am
  • December meeting TBD

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