Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB) 

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Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM)

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About Affiliate Membership

The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM) is a private trade association representing the Community Mental Health Services Programs of Michigan in devising practical ways and means for mental health planning, care and treatment within the state. Any Community Mental Health Services Program duly established under the provision of P.A. 258 of 1974 as amended shall be eligible for full membership in the Association.

Affiliate status may be extended to any agency, organization, or individual whose purpose is the delivery and/or support of community mental health services and whose activities and goals are consistent with guidelines adopted by the CMHAM Member Assembly. Affiliate members may participate in many of the CMHAM's sponsored events and services. In 2012, voting priviledges of Affiliate members were extended in the Association. However, they are not eligible to hold office in CMHAM.  

The Community Mental Health Association of Michigan:

  • acts as a medium through which Community Mental Health Service Programs maintains meaningful and effective relationships with the Michigan Department of Community Health, the State Legislature, and voluntary and professional organizations;
  • advocates for maintaining and strengthening locally controlled and locally accountable public community mental health programs;
  • promotes the development and establishment of best practices in serving consumers of mental health services; and
  • provides excellent training, networking and technical assistance opportunities to its members and their staff.

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