Michigan Association of Community Mental Health Boards (MACMHB) 

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Community Mental Health Association of Michigan (CMHAM)

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County of Financial Responsibility (COFR)

The COFR Committee determines the county of financial responsibility for individualized cases in which a consumer lives in one county and is receiving services in another county.


CMH Contact: Each CMHSP shall provide the name of a responsible contact person to the manager of this contract and to MACMHB for publication on its website.

Committee: Consists of 3 persons, shall be constituted annually at the beginning of the fiscal year.


  • 1 person shall be appointed by DHHS
  • 2 shall be appointed by MACMHB
  • The committee shall appoint its chair by consensus
  • 1 alternate appointed by MACMHB
  • Vacancies shall be filled with 10 days

Fact Finding:    

  • MACMHB shall notify each Board involved within 3 business days of notification
  • MACMHB shall notify the COFR Committee within 3 business days of notification
  • Each CMHSP shall respond to DHHS, with a copy to the other CMHSP within business days with a written response.                    


  • The COFR committee will designate a time and place for a resolution meeting
  • The resolution meeting will be held no later than 30 days following submission of the facts
  • Each CMHSP designated contact will attend and make a verbal presentation
  • The CMHSP designated contact must be empowered by its CMHSP to negotiate a settlement of the dispute

No settlement: Should a negotiated settlement NOT be reached at this meeting, the committee will meet, without others present, to arrive at a decisions reaching by majority vote of the COFR committee.

Settlement: The decision shall be reached, and conveyed to the disputing parties, on the day of the meeting.

Record: A record of each proceeding, including documentation of the facts and the decision, shall be kept by DHHS and MACMHB for public review.