New format for Friday Facts highlights its multiple purposes: The Friday Facts is designed to fulfill two distinct needs: to highlight the work and accomplishments of individual MACMHB members and to be a source for MACMHB members to get information gleaned from across the nation and the state on a wide range of topics, without the members having to spend their time identifying and reviewing these numerous information sources (a “one-stop-shop” for information on the national and state developments in our field). 

In an effort to ensure that both needs are met, the Friday Facts is now redesigned to have focused segments revolving around state and national developments and resources; the work and accomplishment of MACMHB member organizations; as well as the longstanding Friday Facts sections focusing on state legislative action; national Congressional, executive, and judicial action; and MACMHB committee schedules, membership, minutes, and information.

Highlighting the work of individual MACMHB members: If your organization has an event or accomplishment that you would like highlighted in an upcoming Friday Facts, send the article (200 words or less with the exact wording that you would like to have included in the Friday Facts) that you would like included in an upcoming MACMHB Friday Facts, to Bob Sheehan at Feel free to provide a website address in the article, if that website can provide Friday Facts readers with additional information on the topic covered in the article (i.e., copy of an article, story, photos, video).