Preparing for the Interview: Critical Areas of Consideration

September 11, 2018 ~ Crystal Mountain Resort, Thompsonville

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Pre-Conference Workshop Preparing for the Interview: Critical Areas of Consideration 



9:00AM – 3:30PM

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The lawful and careful evaluation of any complaint requires careful preparation and evaluation of the evidence and all parties involved. While forensics can be an important part of the investigation process, rarely is it that evidence alone that can bring the case to a successful resolution. Often it is the conversation with the victim, witness, or suspect that adds context to the investigation and enhances the value of forensic evidence.


This one-day program will focus on the critical areas an investigator should consider when preparing for an interview. Developing an appropriate strategy for the interviews and anticipating problem areas in specific interviews can make for a smoother case resolution. The first part of the program will deal with developing that strategy and the proper areas of questioning to enhance or develop existing evidence.


Then the program will focus on the detection of deception using the most current thinking relating to the identification of areas of concern. The presentation will focus on the physical and verbal behaviors which can assist an investigator in identifying areas concern for the subject. These areas of concern are often portions of the conversation where the subject is attempting to withhold information or alter its relevance. Regardless of whether the individual is truthful or deceptive there may be areas of the

conversation where they will resist cooperation.


The next section of the presentation deals with handling a subject’s resistance and techniques to continue the conversation while maintaining rapport and avoiding confrontation. The largest part of any investigation is the conversation with victims, witnesses, and suspects. A thorough in-depth

conversation with each of these individuals is critical to develop evidence, sequence of events or alibis which may influence the adjudication of the case.


The final portion of the day’s presentation will deal with a non-confrontational investigation of a subject withholding or providing incorrect information. How the investigator obtains admissions of guilt without threats or promises will be explained in detail applying the rules of non-confrontational investigation.


Finally, what type of information should be documented and included in the subject’s statement and final report of the investigator will be addressed.

This program will enhance the experienced investigators skill set and yet provide a solid foundation for those new to the investigative field.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Crystal Mountain Resort
12500 Crystal Mountain Drive
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