Online Payment Instructions:

  • Section 1:  All information is required.
  • Section 2:  
    • If you have a PO Number, Order Number (from your MACMHB order confirmation) or a MACMHB Invoice Number, please choose  the appropriate option.
    • Additional Payment Information:  Only necessary if you do NOT have a PO, Order or Invoice Number.  Enter the training you registered for and participant's names.
  • Section 3:  Enter the total amount you are paying.
  • Final Step:  Select the "Add To Cart" button.  

Please note that payments are not processed until after you checkout.

Section 1: Contact Information
Section 2: Payment Reference Information
P.O. Date
E.g., Jun 24 2018
Order Date
E.g., Jun 24 2018
Invoice Date
E.g., Jun 24 2018
Identify the name and date of training(s) and the full name of the attendees.
Section 3: Payment Amount